Films made in Fond-de-Gras

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Since 1976, we are frequently asked to provide the background and the surroundings to a film or video production..

The reasons why the Fond-de-Gras station and the TRAIN 1900 have been chosen to be part of cinema and TV productions are manifold: the diversity of the natural background, the authentic railway surroundings, the exclusive rolling stock, the possibility to easily comply with the demands of the producer and of course, trained personnel.

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References of films and videos made at Fond-de-Gras:

Beginning of August an AU-L production under the responsibility of IRIS made
a part of the film “Für Immer und Ewig” at Fond-de-Gras.
The film relates a dramatic part of the austrian poet Georg Trakl an his sister.

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Tournage Clip promotionel en juin 2010 pour le
Festival du film International – UNICA 2011
qui se déroulera au Théâtre des Capucins en
Réalisation CVF (Ciné Video Flash Reiserbann)
pour la Féderation luxembourgeoise des cinéastes amateurs

Responsables du projet : Jorge Marques et Vito Labalestra


Photo: JP Kieffer, Samsa
“La femme de Gilles”, Samsa Films, Luxembourg, September 2003
Starting October 8, 2004 at the movie theaters in Luxembourg.

“Le intermittenze di cuore”, of Fabio Carpi, Classic film production s.a, Dudelange, December 2002.

February 2002: Twin Sisters, Production: Samsa Films, Luxembourg and I.D. TV Films, Netherlands.
This film represented the Netherlands at the Oscars 2004.

Clip singer Lisa del Bo, ARD, November 2001

“Commissaire Maigret et le Fou de St. Clothilde”, with Bruno Cremer, Samsa Films, May 2001.

“Va savoir”, with Gérard Klein, France 2/3, May 1999

“Shadow of the Vampire”, with John Malkovich (4 from the left) and William Dafoe.
Producer: Nicolas Cage.

Oscars 2001 nomination for William Dafoe, Delux Productions, May 1999

“Eisenbahn Romantik”, Südfunk Stuttgart, 1999
AMTF and Minièresbunn, Fond-de-Gras”Eisenbahn Romantik”, Südfunk Stuttgart, 1999

“Les jeunes et les chemins de fer préservés”, FEDECRAIL, 1999
“Jewels”, Lynx Productions
“Electric Theatre”, Andy Bausch, Rattlesnake Productions, 1999
“Letters unsent”, Andy Bausch, Lynx Productions, 1995

“Kein schöner Land”, Günter Wewel, 1992

“Mary Lindell”, Delux Productions, 1991

“Sherlock Holmes” avec Christopher Lee
“Nylon Blues”, Canal+ et RTL TVI (1990)
“Das Opfer”, J-M Melan (1979)
“Film touristique”, Philippe Schneider (1979)

“La foire”, with Curd Jürgens, Paul Viallet, Tun Deutsch (TV française) (1976)
A number of photos of the filming done by Roger Leclerc are in the Picture show.