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The restoration and exploitation of the TRAIN 1900 require a whole lot of skills and activities:

Dismantling of machines,

Dismantling of machines,

welding, preparation of the tubes,

riveting, working on steel plates, painting, carpentry, electrical wiring, cutting of trees along the line,

maintenance of the railway line, heater, driver,

head of the train, ticket controller, selling of tickets, coffee- and souvenirshop, guiding visitors, administrative work,…

For all these activities AMTF needs available active members according to project demands and train schedules.
You don’t need in-depth education in all the above mentioned activities.

You should be interested in railway heritage and old techniques, ready to spend some of your leisure time with us, you should like teamwork and be keen on working on projects which are not common and proud to show your work to the public. You will be trained on the job by members of our association.

To become an active member, come to Fond-de-Gras station when the team is working on the machines (afternoon on Saturdays) and to help on the train, come on Sundays. You can also contact us via e-mail and give us your name and address. Youngsters can join from 12 years on, if their parents agree.

Minimum annual fee:
Adults EUR 15.-
Students EUR 10.-

The fee includes an insurance and entitles you to participate in different events organized for the members by the AMTF.